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Our commitment to excellence at COCOLOCO is reflected in our all-natural, high-quality full Bodycare products. Elevate your self-care routine with the sophistication of our meticulously crafted offerings, designed to inspire confidence and promote well-being.

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Elevate your Bodycare regimen with COCOLOCO! We carefully select ingredients to uplift, refine, and firm your skin, revealing a radiant, youthful glow with consistent use. Our commitment to responsibly sourced materials shines through in every product, harnessing the proven benefits of 100% pure, organic coconut oil and powerful antioxidants. Witness the reduction of dark spots, soothing of facial redness, and correction of uneven skin tones. Trust in our dedication to superior Bodycare as we expertly craft each product for visible, transformative results. Embrace the radiance—experience the power of COCOLOCO!

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Join our vibrant family of three generations of radiant, resilient women who swear by the magic of pure organic ingredients packed with powerful antioxidants. Discover the COCOLOCO difference and unlock your natural glow today!

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Embrace the transformative journey with COCOLOCO and experience the joy of radiant skin that exudes confidence and power.

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"CocoSilk, a billion dollar product. Given the last ten years of coconut oil craze, I’ve been hesitant with coconut oil based products. They can be sticky and heavy. But not CocoSilk. Sinks into the skin in such a nourishing and delicate manner. We keep tubs of it all over the house. While it’s to die for on the body, I indulge mostly smearing it all over my face - and never has it been more moisturized and glowing. The smell is natural and delicious, and like some of Kim’s other products, it’s a total guilt free situation. Move over La Mer. The price is right! The product is right! It’s a joy to use, I look forward to using each morning, and it backs as the ideal makeup base. You can’t go wrong. A must!"

New York, New York

Um YES, mind-blowing is how I would describe CocoWow! I tried this magic intimacy lube alone and with my partner, and both were amazing experiences.

Austin, Texas

CocoWow made me feel so warm and cozy, like a big hug just minutes after applying. The feeling lasted for hours as I moved on with my day! Can't wait to try again.

Naples, Florida

"I have been privileged to try some of the COCOLOCO products recently and am delighted so far with the results. CocoScrub is great for a person like myself with dry skin. Also, the CocoLight Hyperpigmentation Oil is great for fading sun spots. I fully recommend these products and look forward to the improving results."

Gold Coast, Australia

“CocoScrub is my go-to skin moisturizer. I rub the scrub over my entire body in the shower and pat dry. The scrub leaves my skin feeling silky smooth, not greasy, and the scent is refreshing. I’m only sad when my jar is empty!”

Charlottesville, Virginia

"As an avid golfer, I am in the sun for long hours at a time. I use CocoLight body oil daily. I love that it goes on smoothly and hydrates my skin without any oily residual.  The bonus of assisting in fading sunspots keeps me a faithful user.  My skin appears more youthful and nourished as a result of this fabulous product!"

Atlanta, Georgia

"The serum I never knew I needed-CocoLight! I was at first surprised to apply such an easy, oil based product to the face AND see such potent results. It’s a wonderful base before the rest of my skincare right out of the shower, and I can see the following products work better because of it. A guilt free step to my regiment I totally suggest for those who need a touch more help."

Washington, DC

"I am obsessed with CocoScrub. I've heard about it all over social media and never imagined it to be this good! Just wow!! It feels and smells dreamy from when you first put on your body to after you wash off. You're left with beautiful, smooth skin that feels heavenly!!"

San Fransisco, California

"My skin care routine would not be complete without CocoScrub.  It gently exfoliates and leaves my skin visibly glowing and hydrated.  The effects are long lasting, and the lightly citrus fragrance is very appealing.  I use a few times a week to ensure my skin stays smooth to the touch and well-nourished."

San Diego, California

After extensively using CocoWow Intimacy Oil, I can say with certainty this product is going to make a huge impact!"

Big Sky, Montana

“CocoSilk all over body cream has become my twice-daily go to. I apply it after my morning shower and again before bed to dry areas for additional hydration. You only need a small amount, as it truly does go on like silk! My skin is nourished without being weighed down, the way heavy moisturizers can sometimes make you feel. I love this product and highly recommend it!"

LA, California

"As I traveled from Italy, I tried CocoLight during my trip to NYC for Fashion Week, and WOW, talk about a game-changer! As a busy entrepreneur constantly on the go, finding a skincare product that actually delivers is a must. After just one day, I noticed a visible improvement in hydration and hyperpigmentation. Grazie mille, COCOLOCO team!"

Milan, Italy